"How could anything good come from the broken, fragmented pieces that consisted of me?"

Something Beautiful Out Of ME

I used to always ask the question, “Why Me, Lord?” 
When I finally got to a place where I could hear Him speak, He answered quietly and gently, “Why not you?”
Have you ever wondered why people go through so much in life? You start asking yourself questions like, What in the world did he or she do to suffer like that? Who in the world did they piss off because they really got it out for them?

Marqueta Plum Jenkins, Leader, author, consultant, speaker, fellow entrepreneur, and veteran, brings to you her tell-all work, Something Beautiful Out of ME, a sincere message of revelation, enlightenment, courage, and hope. Through her trials and tribulations comes a must-read book for anyone looking to find their purpose in life. From her tumultuous childhood, growing up on the streets of Norfolk, Virginia, she shares with you her relationship with God, her time spent in the military, and her learned lessons of breaking family “curses and chains” to reaching the pinnacle of her career. 

I’m dedicated to serving you in excellence. I use my unique background and active duty experience to bring innovative perspectives to the table, empowering you to unleash your untapped potential inside.
“But I rose above and grew through it all. In the process, developed an affinity for the underdog and those who are overlooked and unheard.”