Nice to meet you.

Hi, I’m Marqueta Harris — leader, author, consultant, speaker, and fellow entrepreneur.​

“I believe each person has a talent, gift, skill, or ability that can not only be used to make a profit, but become a relevant solution to current issues and problems.”

15 years of experience. Veteran Biz Certified. Woman-Owned. Minority-Owned. Service-Disabled Veteran.

I’m dedicated to serving you in excellence. I use my unique background and active duty experience to bring innovative perspectives to the table, empowering you to unleash your untapped potential inside.

My Why

Growing up, I watched my mother struggle financially. I was the oldest of five children in a single-parent home in Norfolk, VA. We lived in a low-income neighborhood rampant with drug activity and horrific crimes. At 19, I escaped what was deemed a “life sentence” from the streets and chose to be a “lifer” in the United States Army. 

From battles with PTSD, abuse, homelessness, and unemployment, I developed resilience and a dedication to hard work, which stemmed from being viewed as a statistic.

“But I rose above and grew through it all. In the process, developed an affinity for the underdog and those who are overlooked and unheard.”

How Phoenix Global Group Will Help You?

It’s often debated whether or not most successful entrepreneurs come from wealthy families. This advantage can make it easy for them to deal with financial challenges and gain better opportunities to build their business.

However, research shows that less than 1% of entrepreneurs come from extremely rich or poor backgrounds. Hence, most entrepreneurs lie within the middle-class.

I realized there were others like me, misguided and seeking direction. This lit a spark in me to become the agent of change they were all looking for. I started teaching business classes at a local jail in my hometown and volunteered at events for veterans with disabilities. I pursued my own business ventures as a government contractor. I started my journey assisting and empowering other minority-owned business owners to pursue their own dreams and instilled in them to never take “no” for an answer.


“Our mission is to help any small business or entrepreneur achieve something bigger. We are your “Get It Done Crew.” Our goal is to get you from here to there.”